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1940s folk craft table: Ikea Hack — Sep 19, 2015

1940s folk craft table: Ikea Hack

Something completely different, my Ikea hack of a $15 Frosta stool. It’s now a 1940s ‘walnut’ side table, perfect for putting books on.

Trace a design onto the top of the stool.
Burn the design into the wood.
Colour in the design with ink or paint.
Affix the legs.
Varnish it. Before you do, perhaps try spraying with hairspray or fixative. The varnish smeared the coloured ink and I had to wipe it all down. This removed much of the colour. I still like it but it is very muted. I used walnut stain varnish.
With Books
The table next to real 1940s walnut furniture so you can see what I was aiming for.
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